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Monthly Archives: August 2010

This cute colonial inspired bottom with silk wrapped belt that delicately drapes over the belly! A must for any vintage diva! Come get it ladies! Innocence is bliss not ignorance today hehe get this silky ensemble while it’s hot!

xoxo ViLada

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ViLada Autumn Headbands
New Autumn Headbands in ViLada’s gacha yay for gacha’s!!!
This cute little accessory will suit any casual ensemble! Collect all 5!

❤ ViLada

Tp to Vilada: Vilada Taxi

Reach in black
The silk finished sholder strap/wrap around dress, will gently flow and shimmer as you walk down a runway or highway. Be sexy either way.

Group gift color only
Color only available as group gift so get it while it’s up!!

xoxo ❤

Tp to Vilada: Vilada Taxi